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About Us
We hope you enjoy browsing through our new website and seeing the wonderful array of flowers, balloons and gifts we have on offer.
Our friendly staff are always willing to provide you with expert advice and creative solutions to your choice of gift.
Flowers make a positive impact on people's lives, especially in the modern world where there's less time to connect with nature.
Flowers enhance people's lives both emotionally and physically and research has shown that they can moderate mood. They make people feel less depressed and anxious and improve their feeling of life satisfaction.
Seeing pretty blooms in the morning sets up a better mood for the whole day, and the positive mood spreads to other people too. Try putting fresh flowers in the kitchen and see how they improve your mood before work.
Blooms create a welcoming and beautiful atmosphere and impact positively on our lives. This is why hotels invest in a good florist to decorate their lobbies, and why companies will have vases of blooms in their receptions and meeting rooms.
Workplace studies have also been undertaken to show the positive effects of flora in the office. Ideas and creative output are raised and productivity improves, making plants a welcome addition to the work place. A happy workforce is good for business and promotes loyalty from employees.
People love to receive a gorgeous bouquet of blooms and they will usually show a genuine smile. They represent love and happiness and promote a good feeling in both the giver and the receiver.
Terms and Conditions
1. All prices are shown in Australian dollars.
2. Prices include all local taxes, where applicable.
3. There may be instances where flower substitutions may be necessary. Customers can be assured that in these instances the arrangement delivered will closely resemble the one featured.
4. Delivery details must be accurate; any changes may incur additional fees. All additional fees will be notified to the customer prior to delivery. Please refer to the Frequently asked questions for further details.
5. Regretfully, we cannot arrange a resend of fresh flowers to you if the original flowers are disposed of, thereby making them unavailable for our florists to assess the cause of the problem.

Beeline Florist was established in 1999 and is still today located in its original location.
During the dark winter of 2010 - a shining vortex descended into the florist and has transformed the shop into a bustling and exciting BEEHIVE - where activity is a given and sincerity is a rule.

The BEEHIVE has many areas of expertise to offer the Esperance community - from quality balloon arrangements, centrepieces and decorations for parties through to an intimate single rose for the love of a life - BEELINE is the place to go!

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